Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mi-Star so accurate?

Mi-Star utilizes a highly accurate Novatel GPS receiver system combined with our advanced inertial navigation system to augment position accuracy when satellite communication is interrupted.  The Mi-Starsystem was originally developed to auto-steer rubber tire gantry cranes.  As a result, it was necessary to develop our position accuracy to a level necessary to steer large cranes in a straight or curved line.  This high level of accuracy is shared among our PDS solution as well.

Why does 2cm accuracy matter when there are sub-meter systems available?

Marine and Intermodal facilities typically have a number of factors that impact satellite connectivity.  Loss of connectivity results in the ability to accurately track the vehicle without some sort of inertial navigation or other method.  If the base system of developed on a sub-meter basis, the last known position of the vehicle is in a much greater error factor than if the vehicle starts at 2cm.  The net impact to position accuracy can be significantly based on the container dimensions as compared to a meter or more of error.

What is mapping resolution and how does it impact inventory accuracy?

Mapping resolution related to the specific mapped position of the lines in the facility as compared to GPS coordinates.  If the mapping resolution is sub-meter,and the position reporting accuracy of the CHE is sub-meter, the operator could have as much as a 2 meter position variance before any loss of connectivity.  Mi-Jack employs a mapping solution that is highly accurate, where each pixel in the map represent 3 inches on the ground.

What sets the Mi-Star warranty apart from other PDS providers and why is it important?

In technology, innovation and improvements in hardware and software continues after the initial purchase.  If one considers a cell phone of laptop computer, the device is often obsolete a few months after it is purchased.  In the case of PDS, customers invest large amounts of capital into the solutions.  If components or software become obsolete, the customer is often left to bear the financial burden of updating “end of life” components and/or software.  At Mi-Jack, we believe in partnering with our customers for the long-haul.  Through our extended warranty, we provide our customers with a predictable cost of ownership and protect them against “end of life” events.

I have my own IT procurement group.  What if I want to supply servers and database licensees?

Mi-Jack is flexible when it comes to servers and database licenses.  As your partner, we want to work with you to ensure you receive the best value and performance.  We do not demand that you use our servers or database licenses.

Do I have to use your CHE screens and system to manage the messaging traffic to and from my TOS?

Mi-Jack is not a Terminal Operating System (TOS) provider and therefore we are designed to be a pure position detection system.  While we are closely interfered to the TOS, we do not attempt to function as the TOS and manage messaging.  You can use your existing messaging methodology or we can collaborate to find a mutually beneficial solution that maximizes your performance.

My last technology deployment resulted in significant cost over-runs as a result of change order and scope creep.

Mi-Jack is a “turn-key” solution provider.  Prior to providing customers with cost estimates, we typically perform a site visit to confirm the scope, integration and installation requirements of the project.  We bear the risk of delivering the project scope we quote within the budget allowed by the customer.

I have a complex operation and need a customized solution in order to accomplish my objective.  How is Mi-Jack equipped to support my needs?

No two operations are ever the same.  Our Mi-Star solution spans multiple types of operations including marine, intermodal, industrial and steel applications.  As a result, Mi-Star was intentionally developed with flexibility as a core requirement.  Mi-Jack has been providing equipment and services to the transportation industry since 1955 and we have developed a broad level of knowledge and expertise that enables us to collaboratively develop solution to complex customer nees.  Our staff has extensive experience both in operation as well as technology application the brings added value to our customer collaboration.

I have a Navis TOS, how will this affect my project success?

Mi-Star is TOS agnostic and has been successfully integrated to Navis as well as Tideworks and RMI.  Since we do not typically perform TOS functionality within our system, the integration to the TOS is a much more streamlined effort than with other systems.

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