Optical Character Recognition Technology

Through a distribution agreement with Certus, Applied Technologies Division offers solutions for the Ports and Intermodal industries that are developed with the progress of those industries in mid, addressing the needs to improve efficiency and bottom line as well as enabling better control and monitoring of security and safety issues.

OCR solutions, for both gate operations and cranes, improve automation, logistics, security and safety for marine container terminals, and Intermodal/Railroad terminals.OCR gate systems allows for the recording of chassis and containers as they enter or leave the facility.  OCR crane systems provide container identification as container are loaded or unload onto ships or rail cars.

These systems are scalable and the configurations are designed with the needs of the customer in mind.  Add-on modules have also been developed to provide damage inspection and hazardous materials tracking.

RFID Truck Matching System
The RFID Truck Matching System is a cost effective Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) that automatically identifies a tractor at the time of container latch (unlatch) and transmits to the TOS, without requiring any user interface.  ID codes are generated from long-life/low-cost RFID tags that are unique to each tractor and are easily affixed to the tractor.  RFID tags function reliably in real-life conditions, such as, dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

Improved Efficiency
• Automated Gates
• Truck Kiosk Systems
• Rail Portals
• Crane OCR
• Damage Inspection
• Crane to Hostler Truck Matching
• Advanced Image Processing Technology
• No Portal Canopies Required
• Read all ISO Standard Container ID’s
• Accuracy is the Highest in the Industry
• Easily Integrates to Customer’s Existing TOS
• Remote Management and Monitoring Capabilities

OCR Use on Cranes