AccuStack Technology

AccuStack integrates cutting edge GPS technology with an inventory software system designed either to be interfaced with a customer’s terminal operating system (TOS) or to work in a standalone environment.  AccuStack is designed to be installed on most yard vehicles such as Ship-to-Shore cranes, RTGs, RMGs, hostler trucks, reach stackers and many others.

Inventory Management System
The AccuStack Inventory System is used to keep track of inventory movements with the yard.  It helps make more efficient use of manpower and equipment through the automatic update of the TOS with the onboard GPS and computer systems.  This is done through the recording container pick up and put away using the AccuStack system to communicate directly with the server database via radio frequency with no operator intervention.

DGPS Based System
• Dead Reckoning Augmentation Position Accuracy better than 2cm.
• Integrates with any Inventory Handling Equipment
• Links to Vehicle Control Systems for Event Processing and Machine Automation
• Provides Automated Event and Location Transactions to Terminal Operating System (TOS)
• All Container Event Transactions to TOS are real-time
• Eliminates Errors in Reporting Inventory Locations to TOS
• Optional Touch Screen for Monitoring Tracking System

AccuStack by Mi-Jack
AccuStack by Mi-Jack