Accusteer Technology

Accusteer is a sophisticated auto-steering system based on today’s leading Differential GPS technology.

It utilizes a RF communication link between the crane and a Base Station.  From the Base Station, GPS correction data is continuously fed to the crane and used with the position information received from the on-board GPS receivers to calculate precise position.  An interactive touch screen monitor, which is mounted in the cab, provides the driver with operational information.

The accuracy of the Accusteer system is better than 2cm.  The system calculates position up to 20 times per second.  The Navigation Processor generates steering correction data for the crane’s Electronic Control System (ECS) which is translated into crane movements.  This allows the crane to travel along GPS generated pathways (maps) within plus or minus 4 inches of the mapped line.

DGPS Based System
Position Accuracy better than 2cm.  Utilizes both US GPS Satellites and Russian GLONASS Satellites.
• Eliminates Damage from Crane Path Collisions
• Productivity Increases up to 25%
• Reduces Operator Fatigue
• Tracks Accurately on Snow Covered Ground
• Touch Screen Display Allows for Easy System Monitoring
• Allows the construction of Crane Runways to be Narrower

AccuSteer by Mi-Jack