AccuFleet Equipment Management System

The AccuFleet summary screen shows all equipment that has alerts or warnings associated with them.  It also provides color indications of various status conditions within the overall fleet.  Equipment columns may be configured to display numerous amounts of data.

The AccuFleet equipment status screen allows terminal staff or management to have a one page view of the entire fleet with a color scheme that indicates when equipment is in or out of device or is or isn’t available.  This feature allows your engineering department to set equipment as available or unavailable and have the operation group see it in real-time.

Reporting Capabilities
AccuFleet includes reporting capabilities with the ability to export data in Excel format for universal viewing. Standard reporting includes but is not limited to:
• Equipment currently in use
• Number of lifts/drops by a specified vehicle in a specified amount of time
• Average duration between lift/drop operations in a specified time frame
• Average distance traveled between lifts/drops in a specified time frame
• Gap Finder: Connectivity Analyzer
• Generate gap reports for a particular MJID for a specified duration and over a selected period of time
• All gaps for the time period for 1 or all rovers
• Rover path (positions) over a specified amount of time
• All outages for 1 or all rovers

AccuFleet by Mi-Jack