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Mi-Star is an integrated system of hardware and individual software modules designed to monitor and manage yard equipment using today’s latest advances in communications technology.

At the heart of the Mi-Star system is an on-board computer capable of monitoring, collecting and transmitting data related to machine condition, position and operational status.  The Mi-Star system gathers information from a variety of sources and then sends that information to a network server.  The complete Mi-Star system can provide real-time remote monitoring and reporting of your entire yard operation.

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Accusteer Technology

Accusteer is a sophisticated auto-steering system based on today’s leading Differential GPS technology.

It utilizes a RF communication link between the crane and a Base Station.  From the Base Station, GPS correction data is continuously fed to the crane and used with the position information received from the on-board GPS receivers to calculate precise position.  An interactive touch screen monitor, which is mounted in the cab, provides the driver with operational information.

The accuracy of the Accusteer system is better than 2cm.  The system calculates position up to 20 times per second.  The Navigation Processor generates steering correction data for the crane’s Electronic Control System (ECS) which is translated into crane movements.  This allows the crane to travel along GPS generated pathways (maps) within plus or minus 4 inches of the mapped line.

DGPS Based System
Position Accuracy better than 2cm.  Utilizes both US GPS Satellites and Russian GLONASS Satellites.
• Eliminates Damage from Crane Path Collisions
• Productivity Increases up to 25%
• Reduces Operator Fatigue
• Tracks Accurately on Snow Covered Ground
• Touch Screen Display Allows for Easy System Monitoring
• Allows the construction of Crane Runways to be Narrower

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AccuStack Technology

AccuStack integrates cutting edge GPS technology with an inventory software system designed either to be interfaced with a customer’s terminal operating system (TOS) or to work in a standalone environment.  AccuStack is designed to be installed on most yard vehicles such as Ship-to-Shore cranes, RTGs, RMGs, hostler trucks, reach stackers and many others.

Inventory Management System
The AccuStack Inventory System is used to keep track of inventory movements with the yard.  It helps make more efficient use of manpower and equipment through the automatic update of the TOS with the onboard GPS and computer systems.  This is done through the recording container pick up and put away using the AccuStack system to communicate directly with the server database via radio frequency with no operator intervention.

DGPS Based System
• Dead Reckoning Augmentation Position Accuracy better than 2cm.
• Integrates with any Inventory Handling Equipment
• Links to Vehicle Control Systems for Event Processing and Machine Automation
• Provides Automated Event and Location Transactions to Terminal Operating System (TOS)
• All Container Event Transactions to TOS are real-time
• Eliminates Errors in Reporting Inventory Locations to TOS
• Optional Touch Screen for Monitoring Tracking System

AccuView Logo

AccuView Technology

AccuView Yard Asset Management System is a state-of-the-art, real-time application that provides a centralized view of yard vehicles and activities while having the ability to run simultaneously from multiple locations. AccuView allows the user to view and monitor yard vehicles, analyze vehicle productivity, replay vehicle movements, and retrieve/display vehicle information.  This system can also be utilized to evaluate strategic inventory storage options for any Marine or Intermodal yard facility.

AccuView allows vehicle and inventory activities to be visually displayed across a variety of Geo-referenced background mediums such as maps, photographs and Auto-CAD drawings.  The application can store a variety of these mediums and allow the user to conveniently switch between them.  In addition, AccuView provides several zooming options which allow the user to focus more closely on specific yard operations and activities.

This system is also capable of providing useful vehicle status information at a glance.  For example, the user can highlight a vehicle on the display screen to view some of it’s properties such as: GPS signal strength, user defined vehicle information, latch condition, and vehicle idle status.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring of All Yard Activities

• View facility in multiple configurations
• Complete image manipulation tools with zoom and playback features
• Allow multiple windows on same work station.  Each window can track different vehicles or groups of vehicles
• Manage various yard projects with flexible equipment assignments
• Create inventory location maps with a simple “Point & Click” interface
• Effective mapping tool for analyzing alternate yard configurations
• Generation of yard productivity reports
• Remote access to equipment information

AccuFleet Logo

AccuFleet Equipment Management System

The AccuFleet summary screen shows all equipment that has alerts or warnings associated with them.  It also provides color indications of various status conditions within the overall fleet.  Equipment columns may be configured to display numerous amounts of data.

The AccuFleet equipment status screen allows terminal staff or management to have a one page view of the entire fleet with a color scheme that indicates when equipment is in or out of device or is or isn’t available.  This feature allows your engineering department to set equipment as available or unavailable and have the operation group see it in real-time.

Reporting Capabilities
AccuFleet includes reporting capabilities with the ability to export data in Excel format for universal viewing. Standard reporting includes but is not limited to:
• Equipment currently in use
• Number of lifts/drops by a specified vehicle in a specified amount of time
• Average duration between lift/drop operations in a specified time frame
• Average distance traveled between lifts/drops in a specified time frame
• Gap Finder: Connectivity Analyzer
• Generate gap reports for a particular MJID for a specified duration and over a selected period of time
• All gaps for the time period for 1 or all rovers
• Rover path (positions) over a specified amount of time
• All outages for 1 or all rovers

OCR Logo

Optical Character Recognition Technology

Through a distribution agreement with Certus, Applied Technologies Division offers solutions for the Ports and Intermodal industries that are developed with the progress of those industries in mid, addressing the needs to improve efficiency and bottom line as well as enabling better control and monitoring of security and safety issues.

OCR solutions, for both gate operations and cranes, improve automation, logistics, security and safety for marine container terminals, and Intermodal/Railroad terminals.OCR gate systems allows for the recording of chassis and containers as they enter or leave the facility.  OCR crane systems provide container identification as container are loaded or unload onto ships or rail cars.

These systems are scalable and the configurations are designed with the needs of the customer in mind.  Add-on modules have also been developed to provide damage inspection and hazardous materials tracking.

RFID Truck Matching System
The RFID Truck Matching System is a cost effective Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) that automatically identifies a tractor at the time of container latch (unlatch) and transmits to the TOS, without requiring any user interface.  ID codes are generated from long-life/low-cost RFID tags that are unique to each tractor and are easily affixed to the tractor.  RFID tags function reliably in real-life conditions, such as, dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

Improved Efficiency
• Automated Gates
• Truck Kiosk Systems
• Rail Portals
• Crane OCR
• Damage Inspection
• Crane to Hostler Truck Matching
• Advanced Image Processing Technology
• No Portal Canopies Required
• Read all ISO Standard Container ID’s
• Accuracy is the Highest in the Industry
• Easily Integrates to Customer’s Existing TOS
• Remote Management and Monitoring Capabilities

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification System automatically identifies a tractor at the time of container latch.

Container ANTI-Collision Trolley Lock Out

Container ANTI-Collision Trolley Lock Out prevents container collision by using lasers to accurately measure distance.

Large Object Recognition

Large Object Recognition identifies large objects in the crane path, provides operator warnings and will prevent the crane from colliding.