AccuView Technology

AccuView Yard Asset Management System is a state-of-the-art, real-time application that provides a centralized view of yard vehicles and activities while having the ability to run simultaneously from multiple locations. AccuView allows the user to view and monitor yard vehicles, analyze vehicle productivity, replay vehicle movements, and retrieve/display vehicle information.  This system can also be utilized to evaluate strategic inventory storage options for any Marine or Intermodal yard facility.

AccuView allows vehicle and inventory activities to be visually displayed across a variety of Geo-referenced background mediums such as maps, photographs and Auto-CAD drawings.  The application can store a variety of these mediums and allow the user to conveniently switch between them.  In addition, AccuView provides several zooming options which allow the user to focus more closely on specific yard operations and activities.

This system is also capable of providing useful vehicle status information at a glance.  For example, the user can highlight a vehicle on the display screen to view some of it’s properties such as: GPS signal strength, user defined vehicle information, latch condition, and vehicle idle status.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring of All Yard Activities

• View facility in multiple configurations
• Complete image manipulation tools with zoom and playback features
• Allow multiple windows on same work station.  Each window can track different vehicles or groups of vehicles
• Manage various yard projects with flexible equipment assignments
• Create inventory location maps with a simple “Point & Click” interface
• Effective mapping tool for analyzing alternate yard configurations
• Generation of yard productivity reports
• Remote access to equipment information

AccuView by Mi-Jack